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A healthy metabolism - Why Solda is the right place to spend your holiday?

Fresh and healthy air is essential to your body, mind and soul. The small town of Solda near the Ortler mountain in South Tyrol is the place of a pilot study for health and active holiday. The study is named “A healthy metabolism in Sulden”. A two week stay in Sulden combined with regular exercise leads to considerably better regulation of abnormal blood fat levels and of pathogenic adipokines in people with the risk factors of metabolic syndrome as equivalent training at low altitudes. A major decline in leptine and triglyceride levels indicates that the metabolic adjustment processes under mild oxygen deficiency lead to an amelioration of the metabolic syndrome, at least in the short term. The use of a hiking holiday at an altitude of 1.900m as a non-medicinal additional therapy for patients with metabolic syndrome represents an attractive new treatment option.

Solda is mostly visited by sport lovers throughout the whole year from all over Europe. Solda am Ortler’s ski resort offers something for everyone and skiers of all abilities enjoy the unique atmosphere. The slope system is watched over by the eyes of fourteen sublime 3.000 meter mountain peaks in the majestic Alps with its highest pike massif, the 3.905 metre high Ortler mountain. Like a fairy tale village out of a picture book, guests and experts call it “a jewel in the heart of the Alps”. Sport- and neurophysiologists of the US Field & Track Association have decoded the stimulating effect of a stay in medium altitude locations. Where the air is thinner, more is demanded of the organism. The organism produces younger, powerful blood cells that transport oxygen into cells. The tissue (e.g. the heart muscle) is “breathed through” better and more cell energy is produced. It is like a fountain of youth effect on our organism! Holidays in Sulden are not only total relaxation and enjoyment of a splendid environment, but also always a rejuvenating cure for body and soul, as well as optimism, fresh vitalities and new impulses for everyday life. One takes nice memories home. Most of our guests come back for more as regulars.

That’s why for top class endurance athletes training at high altitudes have long been part of the programme. Experts call it “permitted and natural doping”. Simply because in height training the organism synthesises even molecular substances similar to those found in prohibited drug doping. This includes an increase in red blood cells as well as of euphoriant hormones and neurotransmitters such as endorphins, noradrenaline, dopamine or serotonin. In Sulden you will find the best stimulating climate for your health! The mix of a cool climate, high UVB radiation (very important to form vitamin D3 during summer and winter) and reduced oxygen represents a stimulating climate. The body reacts to these stimuli with its regulating systems. Climatotherapy avails itself of this effect. There are Climatotherapists to walk with you through the beautiful wood landscape the whole year. You will feel much better after a holiday in this rarely climatic feature! Also guests with allergies will love the village. There is only a minimal fine dust pollution, because 93 percent of households are connected to a bio heating plant. The dry and clean air as well as the temperature is responsible for the absence of house dust mites and for a changed composition and concentration of pollens.

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